Monday, May 5, 2014

Rust & Romance

Had a ton of fun setting up for the May sale.  I loaded up on rusty garden items and paired them with things all girls love. To me there is romance in galvanized and rust in the garden. 

One of my favorite pieces this month is the possum belly cabinet I re-purposed into a potting table for the garden shed. 

We offer plenty of vintage and funky flower pot options!

Also crushing on this iron bed turned amazing garden love seat. I want this on my front porch with comfy pillows! 

And more Iron with pops of color.....

Several bedroom pieces available. 
A few detail shots...


Friday, January 24, 2014

Make a Statement with Graphics

One of my favorite makeovers to give a piece of furniture is to paint a large graphic on it. It turns ordinary furniture into an instant statement piece. No matter what your style or taste, find or design the right graphic, and you will have something that becomes the anchor in the room.

graphic via the graphics fairy

graphic via google

Other than Googling images, one of my favorite go to places for great graphics -- especially those gorgeous french typography and advertising graphics, is The Graphics Fairy. If you haven't been to this site yet....GO! She has an enormous collection of beautiful vintage graphics for just about anything you want to create. She has taken the time to edit and manipulate them (even reverse prints for iron transfers, etc) in to user friendly and printable files. Yes....I love you Miss Graphics Fairy! You make me happy!

graphic via the graphics fairy

graphic via the graphics fairy

I get asked how I do it a lot. I use the projector method. Yep...the same projectors our teachers used in school. I project the graphic on the piece of furniture and then paint it on.While there is no lengthy set of instructions, you do need a steady hand and know how to manipulate your brushes. This takes time and practice but can be learned if you have the patience.

graphic via google

graphic via the graphics fairy

While I love the French designs, I also love getting creative and a little funky. One of my favorite pieces was the glazed blue empire chest that I graced with a cross and pair of wings. I did this by combining multiple graphics. I know this style isn't for everyone...but it is ME! Get Creative! It really is about putting your own personality into a piece!     ♥♥♥

graphics via google

How about this SWEET little owl nursery chest of drawers!  You could design an entire nursery around this one piece of furniture! 

graphic via google

A few before and afters for you....

{I had painted the cute solid oak chest in neutrals and it sat for months without selling. So I drug it home and painted this cute English Fig Soap graphic on it. It sold as soon as I put it out on the floor! Here she is in her new home} 
graphic via the graphics fairy

From Drab to FAB! 
graphic via the graphics fairy

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Market Counter Kitchen Island Makeover

Every now and then junkers are lucky enough to come across one very special piece. I mean SPECIAL "you are just certain that the little ray of light shining on it is straight from junker's heaven" kind of special. I found one of those pieces last year. It was a late 1800's to early 1900's  market counter from a general store/pharmacy in northern Missouri. It was missing the counter top but did have the original tilt out divided bin that was lined with tin and all of the original hardware! Not to mention the perfectly chippy white paint. SWOON! I came across this little gem (Ok, hubs and son would argue that this piece was NOT little) at an auction and knew there was no way I was leaving with out it. After I won the bid (as if there was a question I may not?), we dug it out of the barn, loaded it up and headed home. I couldn't stop smiling! I knew it was destined to be given new life and become the main focal point in someone's home.....and that made me so happy!

Here is the raw counter for sale at Restoration Emporium (sorry about the soda can oops!)

For my sweet friend and client, C, it was going to be an island in her big beautiful farm house kitchen. She had been looking for years for something just like it. She wanted hubs to make a few adjustments and build a custom hard wood counter top for it. 

Back View - back home turning the lap siding around to reveal the chippy side

We are fortunate to have a mill near our home that offers many types of locally harvested hard wood trees that are cut to a TRUE inch in thickness. After digging through the racks of lumber and inhaling the amazing scent of fresh cut lumber, I selected hickory wood to be used as the top. It is one of my favorites for it's random light/dark grain patterns and being one of the most durable woods you can buy locally. Then, through a fellow Restoration Emporium vendor, I snagged a pair of perfectly chippy white antique corbels to use on the bar side of the counter top. SCORE! 

 Fast forward several months later and we finally finished and delivered it in time for C to host her families Christmas gathering. We all agreed that it was meant to be in this very kitchen. It just completed it.

 I have to say, I am in love with C's kitchen and may be guilty coveting it a weeeee bit.

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This is exactly how I envisioned it. Photos of the install...

Here is her gorgeous kitchen all prettied up for Christmas...  

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

I love finding flat front, tall chest of drawers or wide dressers that offer a blank canvas for getting creative. I knew when I picked up this tall boy chest, that it would be perfect for the floral/dragonfly graphic I came across several  months ago (sorry I can't remember where).  I knew the graphic needed a base of classic off white so I underbrushed ASCP Paris Gray then brushed on ASCP Old White. canvas was ready!

I like to use the projector method on a lot of my graphics, mainly because I can't draw stick figures. :) I started out by filling in the turquoise flowers using ASCP Florence then finished up with the Gray/Black. After a lot of tweaking, I was pretty happy with the outcome and she was finally ready for her distressing and waxing.

In the end, I gave her a pedicure with wooden caster wheels and new jewelry with her crackled glass knobs.

I should have taken pictures as I went a long, but didn't, and am now kicking myself for it. Being new to the blog world I need to get better at that...and posting to my blog for that matter. It's a process I guess!

Friday, January 11, 2013

How Henry got his name


I have a confession. I am cheap. I am a bargain junkie. When I go shopping, the first place I go to is the clearance rack. I despise paying full price for anything. For me, it is a quest. It is a challange for one. I thrive on it. I am pretty sure it actually makes my heart rate increase. I can't tell you when this obsession started. I honestly think I was born with it, and as a child, it was nurtured by my grandmother who would to take me to garage sales with her. Now I am not saying these are bad qualities. In fact, they have served me quite well as a mother raising four kids. Being cheap has also forced my creative side to bubble to the surface. Whether I was creating four Halloween costumes from scratch or building an art studio table from scrap bundle lumber from Lowes, I always used what was on hand or what I could find second hand. It is the same reason why I get such a rush when I turn a piece of furniture that no one else wanted into something that gets a second chance at being loved again. Cue Henry.....

When I found Henry he was in a three sided building at a Antique/Junk auction buried underneath piles of "stuff"......rusty, greasy, dirty "stuff". He had two drawers that would not pull open, peeling vaneer off the top and covered in cob webs. Just as I anticipated, no one wanted him at the auction. So we loaded him up with all of our other loot for the day and headed home.

Soon it was Henry's turn for a facelift. While making several repairs and removing metal window screen from the bottom (I assume it was to keep critters out of the drawers) we made some pretty cool discoveries. The first being Henry was made with quarter sawn lumber and square nails. Yes...SQUARE nails! I don't know who was more excited, hubs or I. It became obvious that Henry was hand made MANY years ago and obviously had a lot of stories he could tell. We finally finished his rehab and he was ready for the paint table.
*Metal window screen on the bottom

Once Henry was all painted (ASCP Olive and Arles) and glazed and was PURDDY again, we made one final discovery. On the bottom of the top middle drawer was a signature and 2 dates. The name Henry Moser was written in beautiful scroll type script. The dates 1876 and 1877 were also printed. WOW!

Who knew, that when I saw him all covered in YUCK, Mr Henry was hiding so many secrets! I was over the moon! Any that, my friends, is how Henry got his name!

*Henry eventually did get his new jewelry on the top drawers. "Someone" made an ooops when ordering his new pulls. ;} I must say he looks rather handsome in his new rusted iron pulls!

 I hope you enjoyed Henry's story. I am happy to say that he now has a new home and is being loved again!
Thank you for stopping by. Until next time...